Connection Seating Korus Armchair

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Designed by David Fox, Korus is a versatile and striking breakout, dining or lounge chair. Sweeping curves ensure maximum comfort whilst the open detail back offers support. Available with four star swivel, Cantilever. 4 legs or wire base.

Please select the base style you require, please note the price may increase depending on the base type you select.

Dimensions (mm)

Cantilever Frame                   4 Leg Frame                               Wire Frame                             4 Star Base

Seat Height - 460mm            Seat Height - 460mm              Seat Height - 460mm           Seat Height - 460mm

Height - 810mm                      Height - 840mm                        Height - 840mm                    Height - 864mm

Width - 634mm                       Width - 634mm                         Width - 634mm                     Width - 634mm

Depth - 634mm                       Depth - 640mm                         Depth - 640mm                     Depth - 634mm

Weight - 13kg                          Weight - 11kg                            Weight - 12kg                        Weight - 12kg